BMK Q&A – Looking For Questions!


With the Pro Tour fast approaching next weekend, I’m trying to get a lot of things done before I jump on a plane and head to GP Minneapolis and then Atlanta for playtesting. One thing that typically falls through the cracks during PT preparation is my writing – I just don’t have time to get an article together while I’m trying to break a format. This time I want to try to change that.

I’ve been meaning to do a mailbag style article for a while – I get a lot of questions over Facebook and Twitter and the like to which I don’t always have the opportunity to respond. So here’s your chance! I’m going to take the questions from the comments of this post and answer them in my article for next week.

If you have questions about Magic, game design, my fitness quest, music, or what hair product I use, ask away! If your question is particularly awesome, it might even inspire an entire future post here on my site.

So ask away! What do you want to know?


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