Finding Reno Redux – RenoMage


In my continuing quest to explore the best decks using Reno Jackson, I tried a new version of Reno Mage today, with very promising results. Mage was the first class I used for Reno, but my initial forays focused on big late game value minions like Ysera and Chromaggus weren’t particularly successful. This time, I decided to try a build more focused on explosive turns using Emperor Thaurissan and Archmage Antonidas, much like the Fireworks Mage deck I was playing for a while.

The deck performed very well, and I spent much of the day in Top 100 Legend, peaking at around 40th, with a positive winrate against most everything I encountered, and some matchups that seemed structurally pretty dominant.

Surprisingly, the worst card in the deck felt like it may very well have been Dr. Boom. Boom is obviously very powerful, but the combination of weakness to Big Game Hunter and the poor synergy the card has with Duplicate and Effigy made it underperform in this particular deck. My initial thought is to try replacing it with Sylvanas, who is much stronger with the secrets and also helps survive the middle turns to bridge into the deck’s extremely powerful late game.

Here’s the list:



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