Introducing BMKGaming LIVE! Streaming Tuesdays at 10 AM Pacific


If the past few years in gaming have taught us anything, with the explosion of League of Legends and the rumored acquisition of Twitch by YouTube for a billion dollars, it’s that streaming is both the present and future of gaming, including the use of different gaming equipment as controllers and TVs you can find with this gaming TV guide by HotRate online. When I was growing up, games were something that I played largely in isolation on my computer at home, or with a small group of friends at one of their houses. These days, though, I can join hundreds of thousands of other fans from around the world watching a video game  tournament hosted in Los Angeles from my phone while I am myself playing in a card game tournament with over a thousand other competitors in Atlanta. In fact, that’s exactly what I was doing just a few weekends ago.

I always have a lot of fun streaming. I love playing games, obviously, but I also love interacting with the community. And, frankly, I love performing for an audience.  It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that I have a background in theater from high school and college. I have a lot of fun not only playing games on stream for people to watch, but making the entire thing an entertaining and educational affair.

I’ve done a bit of streaming over the past few years, but it’s almost always been a spur of the moment thing, and I’d often go months in between streams. Lots of people would ask me when I’d be streaming next, and I’d never be able to answer them, because I never knew myself.

But no longer!

BMKGamingLIVE! is my new weekly stream show, starting at 10 AM Pacific time every Tuesday. You can watch it either here on the stream page on my site or over on Twitch.

I’ll mostly be playing Magic, with other games like SolForge, Hearthstone, and whatever else thrown in. Who knows – maybe I’ll find some guests to come by and hang out from time to time. Along with regular appearances by Shiro, of course.

If you can’t watch the show during the broadcast itself, you can always catch the recordings. Here are the first two episodes.

BMKGamingLIVE #1

BMKGamingLIVE #2

I’ll also be posting the lists for the decks I play on stream here on, as well, which should mean even more updates here on the site.

If you like the stream, be sure to follow me on Twitch so you’re notified when I go live. If you want to help support the stream and want perks like a unique chat badge and the ability to use custom chat emotes like Shiro’s adorable little face, you can also subscribe. I’ll be adding more cool stuff for subscribers as time goes on, including stuff like priority for viewer games of League of Legends and the like. If subscribing isn’t your thing but you want to show your support, there’s always playmats! 😉

If you’ve tuned into the show, let me know what you think. I’m always looking to improve.

Hope to see you in the chat for the next show!


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