Introducing the new


If you’re new to the site, welcome! If you’ve been here before, welcome back. This site has been around for almost a year now, and it seemed about time to do some renovating.

Not all that much has changed except the look of the site, which I have to say is much nicer than the default template Natalie hastily set up for me so I’d stop bugging her about making me a website. I think the allure of funding her engagement ring through playmat sales was the real motivating factor for her to finally get around to updating things.

In addition to my new online store (which I’m hoping to fill out with Shiro sleeves and more sweet products as I get them made – I’m certainly open to requests), you can now view my Twitch stream directly from my site – and I really do plan on streaming more than I have been, especially since I won’t be traveling for any tournaments over the next few weeks. Look for Modern playtesting soon as I prepare for the upcoming Grand Prix Minneapolis!

I’m also planning on trying to write here more often. You can still find my weekly strategy article and video content over at, but I’ve been around both Magic and the gaming industry in general for a long time now, and I have lots of stories to share. I’m sure it won’t be long before I get up in arms about some community issue again – and you wouldn’t want to miss my righteous indignation, now would you?

You’ll be able to find the decks I play in every major event posted here in the decklists section, and I’m also going to write some retrospective pieces about some of the best and worst decks I’ve ever played. The occasional trip down memory lane is always fun.

If you have ideas for content you’d like to see from me, whether here or on SCG, please let me know. I’m always on the lookout for inspiration.

Oh, and don’t worry. A shuffling tutorial video is coming.

Thanks for reading, and thanks even more if you decide to support the site through buying one of my absurdly hilarious playmats!




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