Kibler’s Day One Decks from Rastakhan’s Rumble


This website DOES exist! I’ve obviously been bad at sharing my lists outside of Twitter and my stream lately, but wanted to share the decks I played on the first day of the new expansion. I’ll look to update this at least semi-regularly for the initial launch period, and then likely stop again altogether for another year or so.




This was the first deck I built, and my most successful/favorite of the day. I’m not sure if it should be as heavily Elemental based, or if it might want to go in the Astromancer direction instead, but the core is nice. Fire-Eater way overperformed, and Jan’alai was awesome.



Adapted from my old Odd Druid list to include Oondasta/Gonk/War Bears. The Oondasta/Warbear portion of the deck was very good. Gonk was fairly medium, and the deck in general struggles a bit. I like the Nourish/Oondasta version better than the Firefly/Funglemancer version, though neither is really all that great. Lots of room left to explore, though.



Dragon Warrior feels like a tough deck to build, since you’re playing a bunch of midrange minions and removal spells, which can be hard to find wins with against control/combo style decks. I feel like you want to lean pretty heavily on War Master Voone and Dragon’s Roar for those matchups, and fill out your deck primarily with anti-aggro tools. Cheap interaction seems especially important, since so much of your deck is big minions that take up most of your turn.

I’m actually not 100% sold on Dragon’s Roar in general, though, especially with Firetree Witchdoctor in the deck. It feels like you may be even be better off just playing more dragons to ensure you get the trigger on turn two, especially since there are a lot of poor hits like Hoarding Dragon and Weaponsmith.



I didn’t play a ton with Quest Paladin yet, mostly because the initial builds I put together didn’t feel all that different from what I was already playing and I wanted to try new stuff. I’m not convinced about any of Prelate, Spirit of the Tiger, or Shirvallah, but I do like the idea of Kangors to support the Mechano Eggs/Zilliax if you are playing with Shiro. This version does not have Devilsaur Egg, which feels like it may be a mistake, since you may not have enough early game minions that are difficult to remove that you can land buffs on to defend yourself – it may be better just to play the Devilsaur Eggs from my previous version.



I wanted to try this deck because Likkim and Rain of Toads are really good additional ways to defend yourself that you can use proactively rather than just having to let your opponent set up a board for Storm/Volcano. They’re both very good, but are likely still better in other shells – nothing about the new cards makes this deck either less clunky or more resilient to Psychic Scream, which remains a nightmare. Krag’wa pretty sweet, though.


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