Kibler’s Rastakhan’s Rumble Decklists – Day Three


I’m continuing to have lots of fun with the new set and trying a bunch of different decks. Today was mostly revisiting older decks with some new cards (after tanking my ranking trying terrible new decks last night).


Let’s start with the terrible deck:


I wanted to try Even Recruit warrior to take advantage of the new Heavy Metal card, since it’s certainly very powerful and gives you more early threats against decks where you can stack your armor. While it was powerful in those matchups, like controlling Mage and such, the popularity of Hunter right now makes this deck pretty awful. You’re weak to Hunter’s Mark, Freezing Trap, Deadly Shot, Spellstone, etc, all the while not really being able to keep your armor up to use Heavy Metal or Yip effectively. I like some of what’s happening here, but it’s certainly poorly positioned at the moment.


This was my best performing deck of the day, at something like 10-2 overall. This deck may only have one new card in Arcanosaur, but that card is awesome and solves many of the deck’s old problems against opponents who go wide, like Odd Paladin or Hunters with Spellstone – which, incidentally, is among the most common decks on ladder right now.


Just an update on the Quest Warlock deck from yesterday. I’m getting pretty confident that I like the Corpsetaker package, because it’s great against Hunter. I’m also pretty certain that you do want Gul’dan now, since you often end up unable to tap in control matchups, and you have a lot of controlled discard so you can protect it and still finish your quest quite often. I still like the Deathwing, but if the metagame ends up very combo-centric, it could easily become a Treachery to combine with Howlfiend/Defile for massive disruption.


This deck performed reasonably well, with Sul’thraze the more impressive of the new cards next to Akali. I think the deck may want more rush minions to really leverage Akali more effectively, possibly even going to a full package of Amani War Bear and Oondasta over some of the other late game stuff to give you more ways to create big board swings.


This is an update of my old Storm Bringer deck, which really never should have had Storm Bringer in the first place. The only real additions here are Likkim and Krag’wa, the former of which is a solid tempo tool for aggressive/midrange matchups, and the latter of which is *insane* with Unstable Evolution. One of the things this deck can often suffer with against control is just running out of gas, and that just doesn’t happen if you’re able to copy seven copies of Unstable Evolution to make a huge board every turn. It might even be correct to just cut Thrall, since Unstable/Krag’wa always wants you to have the ability to generate minions, and you don’t want to give up your hero power.




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