My Kinguin Pro League Decklists – Week 5 and 6 vs Thijs and Frezzar


Due to my travel to play in the Magic Pro Tour in Belgium, I missed my scheduled match for the Kinguin Pro League last week, so I had to play two matches this week to make up for it. To say I was unprepared would be an understatement. I’d been busy playing Magic for the past two weeks and hadn’t really had a chance to play with any of the new cards from Blackrock Mountain, and had no real idea of how they had caused the metagame to shift. Most of what I’d heard people talking about and what I’d seen on ladder in the day or two of play on stream before my matches was new versions of Zoo with Imp Gang Boss, as well as the continued popularity of Druid and Hunter. With that in mind, I decided to bias my decks toward beating aggro rather than control.

I was actually planning on playing a Dragon Consort Paladin deck, and had been sketching ideas out in my head prior to the new wing being released, but I found out just before my match that the new BRM cards released that day were not going to be allowed in the tournament, so I had to go back to the drawing board.

I ended up playing my MechTyson deck unchanged from the last time I used it in KP, as well as a slightly tweaked Face Hunter list (since it’s strong against both Warlock and Rogue, which I expected to be popular). I wasn’t sure about what to use for my last deck, and ended up throwing together an anti-aggro Dragon Druid deck with little to no actual testing. The idea was that the combination of Blackwing Technician and Druid of the Flame offer strong early bodies to fight for the board until you can set up your larger minions, while combo and Ancient of Lore give you a strong long game against pretty much anything.

Ultimately, my plan didn’t work very well against Thijs, who played all control decks (Warrior, Freeze Mage, and Handlock) and absolutely trounced me in three games. Things came together better against Frezzar, and I managed to win a close five game set, including an epic comeback in the last game with my Druid deck against MechMage where the casters were already calling the game a loss for several turns before I finally won.

I think all three of these lists could probably use some work, and I would reccommend testing and tweaking them to your own tastes, but they’re solid cores to start from, at least.

Oh, and yes, I played Quick Shot in my Face Hunter deck even though I said it wasn’t going to be an auto-include for the strategy. I played it mostly because I wanted a reasonable removal spell against other aggressive decks to fight for the board early that happens to go face when necessary. It was good, but not the overpoweringly broken card people were saying it would be.

In any case – here are my decks.


KPLPriest416 KPLHunter416



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