My Kinguin Pro League Decklists – Week 8 vs Gaara


It’s kind of funny that I lost my match to Firebat last week due to ill-timed metagaming, and Gaara may have suffered the very same fate against me this week. I went into my final KPL match of the season wanting to finish with a win, even though I was already out of playoff contention. From what I could tell, the metagame in recent weeks has shifted to include quite a bit of Warrior, both Patron combo and Control, which has led to a decline in Oil Rogue.

This made me less inclined to bring Face Hunter, as I had in all of my previous weeks, because I felt it was less likely to have particularly good matchups and could easily run into some bad ones. I decided to play it somewhat safe, playing the midrange Paladin deck I’d used for the end of my Legend climb this month, as well as standard midrange Druid, and Lightbomb Priest.

Amusingly, Gaara chose his lineup to target the fact that I had played Face Hunter in literally every previous week of KPL. As a result, he had Freeze Mage, Control Priest with Light of the Naaru, Deathlord, and Holy Fire, and an ultra-controlling Paladin deck with everything from Sen’jin Shieldmaster to Sunwalker to Holy Light. I lost the first game against his Freeze Mage deck when my connection to Hearthstone cut out in a game he was likely winning anyway, but I battled back to take the next three games in large part due to the anti-aggro bias of his lineup.

I’m a little disappointed that the timing of the wing releases meant that I was never able to play a real dragon-centric deck in KPL (my Paladin deck was titled “BoringPaladin” because I couldn’t find a Dragon Paladin deck I liked), but I’m looking forward to getting a chance to try out the new cards from the last wing very soon.

Anyways, here are my decks from this week:

KPLPaladin429 KPLPriest429 KPLDruid429


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