My Pro Tour Kaladesh Deck – G/R Energy


I tested with CFB and associates for PT Kaladesh, but ultimately ended up playing a deck of my own design (to the surprise of exactly no one). I may do a more significant write-up on the thought process behind the list soon, and what I might change, but in the meantime, here’s the deck I played.


4 Longtusk Cub
4 Voltaic Brawler
4 Servant of the Conduit
4 Lathnu Hellion
4 Tireless Tracker
4 Bristling Hydra

4 Attune with Aether
4 Harnessed Lightning
4 Blossoming Defense
2 Incendiary Flow

4 Aether Hub
4 Game Trail
7 Forest
6 Mountain
1 Botanical Sanctum


4 Galvanic Bombardment
2 Natural State
2 Nissa, Primal Force
4 Ceremonious Rejection
2 Negate
1 Island


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