Vulcun Deckmaster League Week 1 vs StrifeCro


Today I played my first match in the Vulcun Deckmaster League against StrifeCro. The Vulcun format is an unusual one, playing best of three conquest with three decks plus one ban. Since I hadn’t been playing a ton of competitive Hearthstone recently, between my trip to Vegas for EDC last week and my experimentation with dragon decks pretty much since BRM came out, I decided that I would just default to playing a lineup of classes that I know well that are capable of winning pretty much any matchup – Hunter, Paladin, and Druid.

StrifeCro is one of the players whose stream I watch from time to time, and I knew that he’d been playing Malygos Warlock, Oil Rogue, and Freeze Mage quite a bit. Still, I wanted to hedge my bets somewhat against Patron Warrior, since it’s been the most successful tournament deck in recent times, and StrifeCro is a player who can certainly pilot it well. I ended up playing Harrison Jones in each of my decks, since even in the worst case scenario it’s not that bad, and StrifeCro also has a tendency to play midrange Paladin a lot, where it’s a strong card as well.

StrifeCro’s lineup turned out to be Hunter, Mage, and Warlock. I chose to ban his Mage, since I felt all of my decks were strong against MalyGod lock and I haven’t played all that much against Freeze Mage recently and didn’t feel especially confident in my decks ability to win that matchup. Strife banned my Hunter, presumably because it’s just the overall strongest class in my lineup.

After some technical difficulties with the tournament account I was given to use that involved having to play through the entire tutorial and then not having cards or classes unlocked to build my decks, we finally managed to get to the matches. I lost a close game one with my Druid against his Hunter, in no small part due to his Boom Bots hitting my Dr Boom for six damage after I swiped away his board, allowing him to remove my Dr Boom with just a single Knife Juggler hit. I then went up against his Warlock with my Druid once again, and unfortunately for me it turned out that his Warlock was not MalyGod at all, but Zoo, which is certainly a very rough matchup. After a sequence of poor draws in the midgame (and a questionable turn where I left him with an Imp that I could have killed that allowed him to buff it with Defender of Argus), I fell once again to lose two games to zero.

With no Magic tournament or music festival travels coming up until the end of July, I hope to be able to focus more on my competitive Hearthstone play. I know some players have questioned my proficiency in the game recently, and frankly they’re right to do so. I haven’t been playing particularly well of late since my focus hasn’t really been on the competitive scene, but I hope to turn things around and earn my keep in both the Vulcun and Archon Team leagues over the next month or so.

Here are my decks I played today:

VulcunPaladinWeek1 VulcunHunterWeek1 VulcunDruidWeek1


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