What to play at Worlds?


I’m currently sitting at 30,000 feet above somewhere in the Midwest on the first leg of my flight to Amsterdam for the World Championship. I can’t seem to get the in-flight wifi and Twitch app to cooperate and let me watch the live coverage of the SCG Invitational going on right now, so I’m mostly scouring the Internet looking for inspiration about what to play at Worlds.

There are four separate formats for the World Championship, and two of them are constructed – Modern and Standard. I did a bit of Modern testing when I was up in San Jose last weekend and feel like I have a reasonable handle on the format, but Standard is a different story. I haven’t played a game of Standard yet with the new cards. My guess is that Jund and Lingering Souls decks (W/b Humans and Junk Aristocrats) are likely to be the most popular decks, with UWR also a contender. I’m hopeful that the Invitational will help define the field a bit more, since I don’t really have a great sense of what to expect.

Thankfully, I have a few days once I get in to test, so I won’t be flying totally blind. Still, that’s not much time – I usually have some clue what I’m doing this close to a major event, but I suppose that’s a symptom of having twice as many formats to prepare for – not to mention less time and less people to test with.

What do you think I should play?



  1. Well, let’s see, People are going to be playing mostly Jund and various Lingering Souls decks, right?
    Well – let’s play Bonfire of the Damned and Thundermaw Hellkite then, right?
    Naya Midrange Feels really good right about now.

  2. Zac LaRocque-Walker on

    I agree, probably Naya Midrange would be good. I have a feeling that there will be lots of Ratchet Bombs as well going around as there should.

  3. Daniel Hebert on

    Jund or Naya Midrange in standard seems like a solid choice. After all, maybe this time the bonfire luck can be on your side 😛

    As for modern, I think Tron or any type of Combo deck is the way to go. Just general good matchups across the field.

    And I’m sure CFB has drafted plenty! Good luck to you and everyone else at worlds!

  4. Play the Naya Midrange deck that has been posting results early at the invitational. It has good matchups across the board (minus hexproof and The Rock)

  5. Naya with bonfire and Selesnya charm. You can still run burning earth in the side vs jund and uwr. It’s just like having manabarbs.

  6. Naya seems a solid option. Just team up with the other Green Midrange master (Willy Edel) and I’m sure you will crush this tournament.

  7. Dark Naya, splashing black for Blood Baron, which is amazing in a field full of Jund and WB variants.

  8. I really like the BW Humans deck in standard. It does some really powerful things and it’s very resilient and hard to hate against the current field. Honestly though, Jund is also very good. With the popularity of Burning Earth in most sideboards (for the people playing red) I would lean towards playing BW Humans.